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The-Amulet-of-Sleep Iskìda of the Land of Nurak – First Season

The Amulet of Sleep is the opening book in the Iskìda of the Land of Nurak trilogy, a series of epic fantasy novel for YA readers. Already award-winning in Italy, Andrea Atzori’s home country, the books look set to join the booming market for genre fiction. Having found success after publishing traditionally in Italian, Atzori turned his sights internationally.

Iskìda is a young heroine in a “prehistoric” world of war and magic, inspired to Sardinian and Mediterranean folklore. She is a sorceress, wild and independent like her Dog Clan, brave and pure-hearted.

And she is a “Dream Walker”, a special kind of witch who – through dreams – must explore different worlds in order to save the threatened one in which she lives: Nurak, an ancient land of Gods and Giants.

Covers of the Italian original version

L'amuleto del Sonno
Caminatrice di Sogni
Iskìda 2
Isckìda 3