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The world of Iskìda is a mythical land that was partly inspired by the island of Sardinia.

Creating a “fantastical” world couldn’t mean just casually mixing general fantastic elements together in a cauldron – as so often the genre of “fantasy” is incorrectly thought to mean. Every world, real or fantastic, has to have an inner coherence and verisimilitude in order to capture its readers or viewers, and so it is in the land of Nurak.

Although it geographically appears to be, Nurak is not an island, in the same way that a hunter/gatherer from the European Great Forest living 5000 years ago would not have defined the Eurasian continent as an island. For the Clans that live on it, Nurak is the only land. Beyond it, there is only the nothingness of the sea.

As this may suggest, Nurak is historically inspired by a prehistoric period, specifically the passage from the Eneolithic (Copper Age) to the Bronze Age.

During the latter, Sardinia saw the proliferation of the great Nuragic Civilization (from the name nuraghes, its peculiar stone towers), one of the most mysterious civilizations of the whole Mediterranean area. All aspects of the Nuragic Civilization have been exhaustively studied, from its habits and customs, to tools and weapons, as well as their material, religious and spiritual beliefs. But what came before that?

How could it be possible that a civilization, able to reach such levels of sophistication and significance had come out of nothing?

The scarceness of archaeological knowledge means that the previous Neolithic Age is still considered an “age of mystery”, and so provides an invaluable opportunity for fantasy.

n the land of Nurak, the equivalent of the “Nuragic Age” exists alongside the older Neolithic tribal realities. Every valley, mountain and forest in Nurak are the hunting territory of a different Clan, each with their own guiding “totem” animal. It is an island therefore divided on one hand between bronze swords, terracotta artefacts, fine clothes of linen and hemp, herds keepers, cultivated fields and markets similar to those in Mediterranean “sea cultures”; and on the other hand, wild tribes, bone axes and obsidian knives, rough wools and furs, superb hunters and great shamans.

Nature – as the giver of life and a preserving source – is considered sacred. In the minds of every clan member, Nature is represented by Akasha, the Creating Spirit, a dreamer entity who created the Gods at the beginning of time, who then subsequently made the land and all its inhabitants.

These fantastic creatures – giants, janas, fairy people – are described in the centuries old tales and songs of Sardinia through a mixture of folklore invention and syncretism. The aspiration of Iskìda of the Land of Nurak was to incorporate these figures into an ambitious new literary world.

Residing in the space between myth and reality, archaeological fact and fantasy, Nurak is a land where a year passes in thirty two lunar months, where warlocks study Elemental Magic and the movements of stars, where the mysterious women known as “Janas” guard the destiny of Mankind, and where colossal animals, the Nèfiles, run the land side by side with the Giants; a wild land of war and magic, of Gods and Demons, of heroes and renegades, where a young brave girl and her four-legged friend will find themselves fighting for freedom and their own survival in a timeless epic journey.

Land of Sìr: Clan Black Widow Mòhr Valleys: Clan Stria
Arkos Forest: Clan Stag boidPaludi Morbo: disabitate
Upwood: Clan Cat Hawk Bluff: Clan Hawk
boidLand of Sàa: Clan Red Gold Vast Lakelands: Clan Oak
Mount Ar: Clan Black Stone Land of Ak: Clan Grass Snake
Jàr Uplands: Clan Horse Squall Cliff: Clan Muraena
Land of Nuur: Clan Bull Lùn Valleys: Clan Dog
Lìs Womb: Clan Heron Hollow Bluff: Clan Weasel
boidLand of Rivers: Clan of the Rivers Gòr Massif: Clan Griffin
Giants Crags: Clan Hare Bàr Range: Clan Mouflon / Clan Boar
Mount Rù: Clan Red Ox Ahi Massif: Clan Eagle
Lands of Lò: Clan Ram Barren Lands: Clan Fox
Clan Kestrel: extinct Clan Seal: ghost
Clan Flamingo: ghost Clan Rook: extinct
Clan Owl: extinct Clan Barracuda: extinct
Clan Nightingale:extinct Clan Toad: extinct
Clan Rat: extinct Clan Bat: extinct